Small Business Hub

Growing new and existing business in Englewood is the cornerstone of what we do. To accomplish this mission we have implemented a host of small business initiatives: Growth 180, Follow-us Fridays, Small Business Wednesdays, the Greater Englewood SBA Link-In and others.


Englewood Agriculture Expansion

Through public and private partnerships, Englewood’s vacant lots are being transformed into award winning Urban Gardens. Cultivating agriculture has not only provided the residents healthy food and good paying jobs, but it also promises that residents feed and teach their families about healthy food.


Community Asset Report

Millions of dollars leaves Englewood every year, as residents are more likely to shop in other neighborhoods. The Community Asset Report (CAR) is a comprehensive document that outlines Englewood’s assets so that we can begin to better utilize them.


Englewood Blue

Members are provided with office and meeting space, one-on-one mentoring and business coaching. Members will also have access to weekly workshops, seminars and trainings including Cisco Network Academy, Microsoft IT Academy and Accenture for Entrepreneurs. Other small business advantages will be access to create-copy-print services, computers with wifi and scanning. Request a one-day pass here.

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